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LabGard CYTO NU-581 Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet

The LabGard CYTO NU-581 Biosafety Cabinet offers a safer environment for applications involving cytotoxic API powders through a three-tiered HEPA filtration system.

NSF/ANSI 49 EN12469 UL Canada United States Listing CE

Part #: NU-581


Use the LabGard CYTO Class II, Type A2 biosafety cabinet (BSC) in research protocols that involve cytotoxic API powders. Tested in extreme laboratory conditions to ensure maximum personnel, product, and environmental protection, this LabGard meets NSF/ANSI 49, EN12469, and DIN12980.


Work With Ease, Not Discomfort

This LabGard cabinet is designed with the user in mind. Built-in height adjustment, forearm support, and plenty of knee and thigh clearance allow every worker to set the workstation at an appropriate standing or sitting level for fatigue-free use. The large work and viewing area makes repetitive movements easier and prevents cramped necks, arms, and shoulders. The cool white lighting reduces glare and eyestrain.


Protect Your Employees

Minimize the potential for exposure to airborne biological or particulate hazardous drugs with the strong, dynamic air barrier and three-tier HEPA filter system under the work surface.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Minimize air turbulence and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination with true laminar airflow. Incorporated into the HEPEX™ zero-leak airflow system, true laminar airflow evenly distributes plenum air over the supply HEPA filter. The HEPEX zero-leak airflow system surrounds all biologically contaminated positive-pressure chambers and ducts with negative pressure, eliminating potential leaks. HEPEX fabrics are flameproof, provide a barrier against water, gases, fluid, and dust, and resist chemicals, oils, and greases. The impregnable HEPEX fabrics have antibacterial properties, trapping harmful materials in the filters.

Protect the Environment

All contaminated air is passed through a 99.99 percent HEPA filter before being discharged to the outside atmosphere, preventing hazardous substances from entering the environment.


TouchLink 2.0 Electronic Control System

Control the essential functions of the CellGuard cabinet with the TouchLink2™ electronic control system. The system provides touchscreen control of lights, motors, interior outlets and more, and it can monitor airflow limits and window position. Use the timer to control many time-sensitive functions and the Building Automation System to query and monitor operating information remotely.

Built-In Decontamination System

Let the built-in decontamination system automatically purify your cabinet, or you can choose manual decontamination. The auto decon process decontaminates using liquid formaldehyde or formalin and liquid ammonia.

Energy Efficiency

High-Efficiency Motor

Combined with the optimally determined fan, the DC ECM motor lowers energy usage, extends filter life, and reduces noise and vibration.

Downtime Energy Savings

Save energy when the cabinet is not in use with nitecare™. This unique system reduces motor and blower operational airflow to conserve energy without compromising sterility.


Pressure-Tight Build

Constructed of high-grade stainless steel, the weld shell cabinet with back panel minimizes the chance for potential leaks while providing access for maintenance or system upgrades.

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