Biosafety Cabinet Risk Assessment

White Paper

Biosafety Cabinet Risk Assessment

The white paper "How to Use Your Risk Assessment to Select a Biosafety Cabinet" by Julianne L. Baron, Ph.D., CPH, RBP, is an essential guide for laboratory professionals. This document emphasizes the importance of conducting a thorough risk assessment to determine the most suitable Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) for your lab's specific needs. The white paper helps identify the necessary safety measures and controls by evaluating the likelihood and consequences of exposure to hazards.

Dr. Baron outlines the different classes and types of BSCs, including Class I, Class II (Type A2, Type B1, and Type B2), and Class III cabinets, explaining their unique features and suitable applications. The guide also discusses the hierarchy of controls, from elimination and substitution to engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE), providing a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation.

Additionally, the white paper offers practical recommendations for BSC placement, maintenance, and certification, ensuring optimal performance and safety in laboratory environments. It is a valuable resource for architects, engineers, and lab planners, facilitating informed decisions and fostering safe laboratory practices.

Download this white paper to enhance your understanding of BSC selection and maintain a safe, compliant, and efficient laboratory environment.